Seniors Concierge

Seniors Concierge is committed to providing services for Savvy Seniors who have the financial resources for independence and would like professionals who can help them remain as independent as possible. We also serve families of aging parents who are looking for guidance to assist with transitioning their parents as parents become less independent.

We currently have the following services available:

  • Elder Planning Counselor – comprehensive financial planning with an emphasis on creating guaranteed and tax-efficient income.
  • Estate planning services: We offer a digital vault and assistance with organizing your financial, legal and social matters. The digital vault releases all your information to designated people in the event of your incapacitation or passing.
  • Disability Tax Credits: Assisting eligible seniors access benefits and tax credits to alleviate costs associated with health and mobility issues.
  • Lending services: Using mortgage and credit tools to optimize cash flow for seniors who own their home and would like to unlock their equity into income.