Fee-only Advice

There is a perceived lack of transparency around financial products and commission. Clients are now asking for financial advice where they could see in a very transparent way what the financial advice is costing them. For an hourly fee, we help clients deal with cash-flow issues, financial goal-setting, savings and retirement planning.

Exceedia will help create a comprehensive financial plan that includes various insurance and investment options, but we don’t actively place the products. It’s up to the client what they do with the advice. Our fee-only planning role is primarily a support function. Most clients that come to us looking for financial advice are often looking for a second opinion on assets already invested and managed elsewhere.

Clear and straight forward agreement:

We charge a flat rate retainer fee, which we present to you in a written agreement.  There are no hidden fees.  Fees are calculated on the expected cost of providing financial planning and investment services, as well as costs of implementing your plan.

Our initial meeting is to get acquainted, listen to what you want and how we can help you achieve those goals together.  We look at all areas of your finances.  Already have a financial advisor? We can help you do a fee audit and look closer at how much you are paying now.  You may be surprised.

Looking for ongoing advice? Our annual fee is based on the work required.  Tax planning, cash flow management, behavioural financial coaching, risk management planning and targeted investment services are added as warranted by client asset levels and needs.


Fee-based Advice

For investments entrusted by you to us, the fees will depend on the level of Wealth Stewardship you prefer.

Product Based Advice

For non-investment products that we arrange on your behalf, we are compensated through commissions, placement fees and/or brokerage fees. At the time of implementation, you will be presented with an estimate of the compensation that will be paid to by product providers and  we will ask you to initial it as evidence of full disclosure.