Building of a great company

The Building of  A Great Company


The three attributes I consider most critical when choosing great business partners: they are people I like, respect, and trust.

Let’s start with likability. The journey of building a company is long and hard, so you better find people you enjoy being around and who provide positive energy. Would you want to spend time with this person even if you weren’t working together? You aren’t going to get along with this person all the time, but it should be a core component of your relationship.

Who has a contagious optimism that fuels your entire team? During the early days of our company, we were all stretched thin and working exceptionally long hours, but we always knew when to crack the right joke to keep people from getting too stressed. With a combination of wit, enthusiasm and warmth, we made the tough times tolerable and the good times even more enjoyable.

You should also be looking for people that have the skills and expertise that you respect. These are people that are truly exceptional at their jobs, and inspire others to be better.

The last attribute – trust – is perhaps the most important, yet trust is only BUILT SLOWLY and OVER TIME. Who can you always count on to get the job done, put the interests of the company first and support the people around?

I am thankful every day to work with such people. They make the highs higher and the lows bearable. We have helped each other achieve our goals, though we are just getting started. When you find these types of people, hold onto them. I certainly have. Invest in these relationships and you have a chance to be rewarded not just with business success, but also lifelong friends.

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